Need an Easy Creative Pick me UP? Watch this.

Sometimes, I want that feeling like I am 5 years old again, doing arts and crafts watching Saturday morning cartoons and making a total mess. Of course, I can no longer so easily achieve that feeling unless I’ve had a film in development for a long period of time. Or if I had a time machine. Or perhaps if I was to jump into an acting class.

… I actually found something that comes close to giving me that feeling though!

Your Guide to Street Fashion (YGSF) is a fashion TV channel that keeps me very happy. Introduced to me by celebrity stylist Ozzy Shah, I’ve been addicted ever since.  Yes that’s a WARNING! It is VERY addictive – you may find yourself 3 episodes in without realising!
Talina Naverde is very easy to watch, she has this way about effortlessly talking about something that could otherwise be uber serious: fashion. It’s just really fun and inspiring!
This particular episode is about carving out career paths in the arts.

Some of my fave quotes of the episode include:

“What makes you unique?”
“I’m a unicorn !”

“Always pack trainers in your hand bag. For anything”

The episode is also jam packed with lots of to-do’s and to-avoids as an intern.

Check out episode here:

E N J O Y  Unicorns !  🦄

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