Ashes – Cannes 2015

Here are some stills and photos of the award winning short film “Ashes” I had the pleasure to star in at Cannes 2015 and compete for Best Actress as part of the Creative Mind Groups “Made in Cannes 2015” filmmaking program.

I loved my team and we became family very quickly. I know this happens on most projects, but something about the international mix and dynamic range of energies (queue hippy music!) really struck a chord with me and I think that influenced my performance.  Ok, I won’t get into frequencies of love, I promise!

Pics below and a teaser video here:

Melissa Jean Woodside in Ashes

Temi Tokosi, Nate Hapke, Melissa Jean Woodside and team after the award show swooping two awards for Ashes

Director – Temi Tokosi (Winner of Best Director – Made in Cannes 2015)
Editor-Bianca Vitureira
Writer-Nate Hapke (Winner of Best Writer – Made in Cannes 2015)
Producer-Viviana Mauri
Cinematographer-Zaid Dabus


Melissa on set in hair and makeup with Viviana Mauri


Stills of Melissa in Ashes 2015


Melissa Jean Woodside still in Ashes 2015 DOP – Zaid Dabus

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