HRH Nouf Al Saud and Miss Woodside… My Kind of Fun!

HRH Nouf Al Saud and Miss Woodside... Fun.

HRH Nouf Al Saud and Miss Woodside… Fun.

Interestingly enough, I enjoyed a very wonderful event at Sandown Park earlier this year.

The event was in support of Not on Our Watch charity, headed by the likes of Jerry WeintraubBrad Pitt, Matt Damon etc. Just to name drop!

I was honoured to be sat at the same table as the Beauty from Saudi Arabia (pictured above), amongst other illustrious guests. I am proud to hereby announce that I somehow managed to not get myself kicked out for saying anything too embarrassing… I minded my P’s and Q’s in other words, as my father brought me up to do.

What else does one talk about in such circles you may wonder? Well, I went on and on about random auditions I had attended, potential roles, that kind of thing. Nothing too successful or impressive by anybody’s standards. I bragged about my bravery and desire to chop my hair off “GI Jane style” for an upcoming feature film called Scarred..

“Are you going to go all Demi Moore on me?” Various high profile types wondered as I went off on this topic. I was going off on a tangent in Melissa Land that was for whatever reason entertained. We ate deliciously as you do at these things, and then there was a generous auction. We were far from reality.

… Though the auction didn’t actually last too long …

“Trip to space anyone?” Eric Meijer culled the bids in front of an intimidating crowd at the upper echelons of nobility. Ok he didn’t ask it in such a vulgar way, but you get my drift.

In the end, it was a wonderfully exciting event. Whilst I’m usually not really one for schmoozing or dressing up, I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to drool and pay money to watch masses of muscle rush through the air! Those horses were something else…

I will certainly attend more to come in the future. All in the name of charity of course!

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